At Just Garage Doors, we have been doing garage door repair of residential, commercial, industrial garage doors since 1973.  Our professional repairmen are trained on repairing all types of typical and non-typical garage door and garage door opener problems.  Just Garage doors takes pride in not only providing top professional repairmen that have been fully trained in both properly repairing the garage door or garage door opener and providing a repair that is safe to both the customer and the repairman.

Garage Door Repair Services:

  • Emergency Garage Door Service

    Just Garage Doors provides 24/7 Emergency Service. Call us a (616) 538-4887.

  • Broken torsion spring or cables.

    Broken springs and cables are the most common problems with garage doors. Torsion springs are classified by cycles, this is the number of times the garage door goes or down. At Just Garage Doors we can provide extended cycle torsion springs for your door. Please contact us for more information.

  • Noisy Garage Door or Garage Door Opener

    As your garage door gets older the hinges and rollers begin to make noise.  Our yearly check up takes care of these problems before they happen.  Contact us at (616)538-4887 more information.

  • Yearly maintenance of your garage door or garage door opener.

    Let’s face it, your garage door is expected to perform without any maintenance for many years.  The leading cause of service calls are broken springs that would have not broken if they were properly maintained.  Just Garage Doors has teamed up with to provide a low cost solution to yearly maintenance on your garage door.  Click here to purchase.